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Meet your Aesthetician &
Get Illuminated!

Pamper Day


My name is Latoya “Toi” Crawford, Owner/Spaprenuer and Master Aesthetician who invites you to experience “The Den” an oasis where we specialize in Corrective Skincare, Daily Skin Maintenance, Hair Removal, Corrective Body Care and Beauty Enhancing services while providing a relaxing and memorable atmosphere utilizing our gifts and aromatic therapy to connect with your senses! Here at Illuminated Beauty & SkinCare Den, we customize and cater to the needs of our clients, every experience is unique in its own way. We take such a keen pride in our craft, treatments are just as therapeutic

for us as they are for our clients.



It’s not just a service,


It’s an Illuminating Experience!   


Your Skin Never Felt So Good!

Here at Illuminated Beauty & SkinCare Den, we pride ourselves on Healthy, Glowing Skin.

Educating our clients is our key focus, and is imperative for reaching skincare goals.

Come, Relax, Experience “Zen in the Den Vibes” and Leave Illuminated!

Ask about our customized treatments!

Shaved Legs
Clay Facial Mask

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