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All Clients must download the Vagaro scheduling app to their personal devices (cellphones) and check-in via the app once the client has arrived at their appointment. The client is to remain inside their vehicle until they receive communications (via the Vagaro app) of when the Service Provider is ready to start their service.  

All Clients MUST have a VALID credit/debit card on file.


Privacy & Safety


How should I prepare for my facial appointment?

Keep your skin routine very basic (gentle pre-cleanse, toner if applicable, moisturizer and spf) approximately 5-7 days prior to your appointment. Discontinue use of all topical prescriptions, retinoids, exfoliants, scrubs, benzoyl peroxide etc 5-7 days prior to appointment. This helps to eliminate any irritation or possible reactions. If this is a New Client Facial, please bring all products that are being utilized during skin regimen. 


How often should I receive facial treatments?

We recommend that Corrective treatments are scheduled more often such as every 2-3 wks to provide more effective results. We also recommend Daily Skin maintenance by receiving facial treatments every 3-4 to maintain healthy glowing skin. 


I have Hypersensitive/Reactive skin, can I still receive a facial treatment?

Yes, we customize all treatments per the needs of the client's skin type/concern


Will I breakout/purge after receiving a facial treatment? Is it normal?

During a facial, the skin is stimulated and some purging can occur a day or two post facial as the pores does its own self-clearing. It's te skins external way of detoxifying and ridding itself of toxins and impurities to reveal exfoliated, hydrated and ILLUMINATED skin 


Will I see immediate results after my Treatment?

Our clients have seen immediate results after one session of our facial treatments such as a reduced acne/breakouts, clogged pores, hydrated skin and improved barrier. However, the results will eventually wear off if you do not maintain your skin with a curated skincare regimen and regular treatment room sessions. It is highly recommended that you stay on track to achieve acne-free, clear and glowing skin


Can I apply makeup and/or workout after a facial?

We recommend that you stay away from makeup for 2-3 days and no gym/workout for 48 hrs to allow your skin time to heal after facial extractions and to prevent your pores from clogging with sweat, oil and impurities 


Am I able to see both a Dermatologist and Esthetician simultaneously?

We have a few clients that see both Service Providers to aid in reaching their skin goals. We would just need a clearance from your Derm/MD to receive treatments


Can men receive facial treatments?

Yes, of course! Men tend to experience higher oil production which is the main cause of clogged pores. It is recommended to receive regular visits to regulate skin health and have optimal results 


How do I maintain my skin post treatment?

Keep your skin hydrated, moisturized, be gentle, utilize clean pillowcases/bedding immediately afterwards, Follow your Service Providers instructions/advice, DO NOT pick your skin and stay out the sun


Can I receive facial waxing the same day as my facial treatment?

We do not advise to receive facial hair removal the same day as your facial. Most of our treatments include exfoliation components that may make the skin too sensitive    


Does diet actually affect acne?

Diet is imperative and can affect hormones that in turn can make acne worse

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